Thursday, July 08, 2010

UK Updates

On June 23, we received our student housing assignment.  We have a one bedroom flat in Dundee, confirmed with deposit.  We can pick up our keys upon arrival Aug 12.  Our lease goes through June 24, about a month after Mike completes his first school year.

We also just submitted our visa applications online this morning.  We have our appointments for biometrics on Monday and will then submit our supporting documents to the British Consulate in Los Angeles for review, no later than Tuesday. 

We'll probably opt for priority processing for our visa applications, since we have to submit our passports with the documents and we want to make sure we get them back in time for our August departure.  Processing takes an estimated 2-12 weeks but with priority processing ($150 USD extra per application) they should be processed within 48 hours.

This whole visa application process is very stressful.  It is the only thing preventing us from truly celebrating our upcoming move.  Once it is settled, hopefully in our favor, we'll be able to move forward without any concerns.  Except, of course, Desi will still need to find a proper job in Dundee.  But, that's for another day.
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