Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Soft Landing

National Theater, Taipei
When last I wrote, Mike & I were still in New York City, at the beginning of our last month as residents. Today I write from our new home in the Fengshan District of Kaohsiung in Taiwan. As of today I can happily report that this move has indeed been the best one yet. There have been a few hiccups along the way and we're still waiting on a few things before it's all over but, overall and as of now, it has gone rather smoothly and, in some instances, better than expected. Mike's cohort of teachers have all marveled at the 'soft landing' we've all had and I can't help but adopt that terminology because it is so apt. Soft landing. Indeed.

Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, Taipei
As you may or may not know, with this move abroad I have begun a new career as a lady of leisure. And, while that sounds rather luxurious, please let me dispel those false ideas. While it's true my day begins when I leisurely wake up in the morning (rather than with an alarm clock) and consists mainly of busying myself with reading or writing or shopping, please note that I am indeed very busy. Yesterday, for instance, I had a very full day of exercise and laundry. See. Very busy.

Honestly though, I do hope to accomplish a few things during this year off of mine. I do have goals.
  1. I would like to speak, read, and write Mandarin (at least conversationally).
  2. I would like to write something, from start to finish (I'm leaning towards a short story).
  3. I would like to be published (probably just an article or op-ed).
  4. I would like to be paid (hopefully for something I've written but I'm keeping my options open).
Additionally, I've divided this year into #100days segments. During my first #100days I'm focusing on making running a habit. Since July 18 I have already amassed 22.29 miles and, surprisingly, I already look forward to running every day. Today, for example, is another lovely rain and thunderstorm (these are happening often) which is preventing me from my morning run and throwing my day off completely. I probably won't run today due to this weather which means I'll be very anxious to run tomorrow. Who knew that would be possible?

Ex. 1: evidence of heat and humidity
Speaking of weather, Taiwan is currently enjoying its typhoon season. While in Taipei last month we witnessed a 'typhoon day' which is equivalent in our experience to a 'snow day'; businesses were closed, people stayed home, streets were deserted. It was pretty cool, the novelty part (not the perceived danger part). Today, I believe, we are experiencing remnants of a passing tropical storm, which poses no danger but does provide lovely rain and thunder to ease the stifling heat and humidity. FYI, it is HOT here in Taiwan. If ever I have complained about heat in the past, please know that I have never experienced this level of heat before and all past experience which yielded said complaints pale in comparison. In other words, please transpose all former complaints of heat and humidity to my current situation and replace in former scenarios with adjectives such as lovely and enjoyable. Except for El Salvador. That experience would probably be on par with Taiwan. And Manila. Sweet Jesus it was hot there.

Teacher Mike
I'm also happy to report that Mike is enjoying his new job as English teacher. He officially started yesterday with his very own class of kindergarteners. He's going to start picking up a few other classes, with older students, throughout this month but he'll be teaching kindergarten every morning Monday through Friday. He was concerned, and is still a bit concerned about the other classes, but if you know Mike you know he will excel, as he does. Excel and thrive. Because he's awesome.
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