Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bring On March

Our second month in New York City is coming to an end and, unfortunately, both Mike & I are still unemployed. My temporary assignment, though meant to be long-term, was not what I was looking for so, in my infinite wisdom, I quit. My thought process was that being unemployed would be better than working somewhere that wasn't my ideal. Well, this is week two of unemployment with no other job on the horizon. Well played.

Mike did have one interview we thought went well but it's been over a week and he hasn't heard anything yet.  I had four interviews at my dream organization, the last one just this past Friday, but I haven't heard anything since and my pessimism is setting in.  Mike did get a short-term gig by exploiting a connection he made whilst in London.  He's spent the last couple days helping to set up an exhibition at a Chelsea gallery.  Otherwise, the job hunt continues.

Mike's art in our flat
We've extended the lease at our current apartment until July.  We're really loving our neighborhood and, though we hope to never live in a basement again, we're really enjoying our flat.  We do dream of living a couple floors up in a one bedroom in the East Village though.

Williamsburg Bridge, East River
Since we have so much free time, we're spending a lot of time walking around the city.  We prefer the East River over the Hudson, though both are attractive.  The East River has lovely bridges whilst our part of the Hudson has views of New Jersey and the Statue of Liberty.  As previously mentioned, we like the East Village more than our current area but that might just be a 'grass is greener' mentality.  Honestly, we haven't encountered a neighborhood we wouldn't enjoy living in.

Steve (from London) and me
The High Line
Unlike our move to the UK, where we didn't get our first US visitor until the tail-end of our 2+ years there, we had our first UK visitor here in early February.  Our good friend from London was here for business and we were able to spend an entire Saturday with him, definitely one of the highlights from February.

Happily, February has been more fruitful than January was and, though we have no employment prospects and our savings is dwindling, we're rather calm about the whole thing.  When the boredom isn't affecting us, we're rather happy and in good spirits.  Who knew unemployment and poverty could be so enjoyable?

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