Thursday, February 05, 2015

Happy New Year (Again)!

Beach at Cijin Island
January found us exploring our city a bit more, finally taking the ferry over to Cijin Island, a popular day trip destination, where we discovered a lovely beach and lively market area. We also spent some time around the downtown area where Kaohsiung's tallest building (85 Sky Tower) is located and also where the fancy new library is.

Fengshan Canal Path
We explored our immediate neighborhood a bit too, meandering along a lovely canal path which took us to the Fengshan train station and an MRT station as well as an historic fort.

Our January was both a great way to begin the new year as well as a great way to end it. As this area of the world begins preparing for the solar new year (Feb 19), it feels a bit like we get a do-over on our new year's resolutions. Good thing too, since we've already failed at most of them.

For our first legit Chinese New Year, rather than ensconcing ourselves in it here in Taiwan, we're going to be celebrating Tết in Vietnam. When we get back, hopefully we'll be attacking the Year of the Goat with a renewed vigor.

Additionally, my third #100days as a Lady of Leisure begins tomorrow, placing me well beyond the halfway point of my first year on sabbatical. During these next #100days I hope to continue pursuing my original goals for this period - Mandarin, Writing, Being Published, Being Paid - but, I also hope to re-attempt previously failed and discarded goals, like running. This past August I had hoped to make running a habit. Presently, not only is it not a habit but all attempts at fitness, including yoga, have been abandoned. I'd like to remedy this.

New Year's Day bike ride
Finally, I'd just like to say that Taiwan is amazing. We are constantly awed by the kindness of the locals and the culture, which is warm, friendly, and inviting. And, though Kaohsiung itself is a lovely city, it's when we venture outwith that we're reminded of how beautiful this country is. We hope to begin regular explorations soon, with our sights set on Tainan and Xiao LiuQiu for our first couple trips.

Happy New Year everyone! 新年快樂!
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