Thursday, August 13, 2015

If At First You Don't Succeed...

Our new view
Okay, so last year I started my life as a lady of leisure with a bunch of goals, one of which was to get healthy. Well, I failed. Miserably. It didn't help that I lived in a super hot sweatbox, sucking my will to live along with any desire for physical activity. I just wanted to stop sweating and my logic was that if I'm sweating by just sitting then who needs to exercise. Silly logic.

But, early last month we moved to a luxurious apartment with air-conditioning and an elevator. We're calling our new home The Hotel because it's like a freaking Intercontinental. We live in a goddamn Sofitel. There's no pool but our building does have a fitness room. Score! No more excuses!

A long time ago, when I was still in my 20's, I read an article that stated that both your body and health begin to deteriorate in your 40's so your 30's are your last real chance to provide a good foundation for your body as you age. I'm 37. Shit's getting real.

So, I'm giving this healthy living thing another try. In addition to running and cycling, I'm now also doing this 30 Day Push Up Challenge. I'm on Day 20 and making some real progress. I read somewhere that your arms are the fastest to respond to exercise and that push ups are the best non-aerobic exercise for overall body strengthening, so I'm hoping to be motivated by some positive physical changes shortly. My strength is already improving but I get the sense that arms need to be continuously trained in order to maintain their strength. Thus, I know that this is just the first step to a push up filled future. Yay.

practicing the dangle
For a long time I've had a goal of being able to do a pull up because someday I may fall off a cliff or building or have to hang onto a window ledge to hide from human traffickers who have broken into my hotel room. Eventually I'll need to pull myself up off the cliff / ledge or, at the very least, dangle until help comes. Today, I'm so weak that I would fall to my death almost instantaneously. I'm hoping that a well-executed series of push ups will strengthen the muscles needed for a life saving pull up and that this 30 day challenge may be the first step in eventually saving my life. Plus, how awesome is the person who just starts doing pull ups at any given gathering of friends? Um, super awesome.

Of course, exercise is just a small piece of the healthy living puzzle. Apparently, diet is even more important. My weakness used to be baked goods (cakes and Pillsbury Grands especially) but, not only are those not as easy to come by here, we also don't have an oven, so that problem has really just solved itself.

I do still possess a weakness for the drink though. Namely gin and tonics. There was a time I thought these were zero calorie because tonic is just water and gin is just...I'm not sure of my logic here. Maybe clear? Anyway, I was wrong and they're not. In fact, most of my daily calories were coming from booze. Thus, new rule, no drinking during the week (except if out with friends because no one likes the teetotaler). So far abstaining from my nightly G&T hasn't been too bad. Perhaps gin and tonics don't taste as good as healthy feels? (Yes they do but I'm employing will power here.)

With some additional dietary adjustments (more fruit, less everything else, etc.), I'm really hoping to begin to see some real changes soon. I used to have a goal to run a destination marathon for my 40th birthday. That goal has fallen to the wayside but I might revive it. Or, maybe hike a long trail, like the Pacific Crest Trail or Appalachian Trail. Or, maybe something more exotic? Hiking definitely sounds more my speed than marathoning. I might also enjoy a good, long bike ride. Either way, I'm resolute this time. I'm writing it down. People know about it now. Healthy living, here I come.
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