Friday, June 24, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

For our 14th anniversary, and our 1st in Europe, we are planning a European extravaganza.  We’re starting the two week celebration tomorrow with Zoo Lates at the London Zoo.  A zoo with no kids and themed bars strewn throughout the park?  Who else thinks that's the best idea ever?

We haven't made solid plans for Saturday yet.  We had planned to spend it in Brighton but Mike’s contract was extended (yay!), requiring him to work that day.  Consequently, we won’t be rambling in June.  Hopefully we can fit a couple day trips in during July to make up for the omission.

On Sunday we’ll experience our first 'Sunday roast dinner' (something super popular over here) at a restaurant in Covent Garden and then we'll end the weekend with a rooftop screening of Weird Science in Shoreditch.

Our week is pretty open at this point, again with no solid plans.  But, come next weekend, we're going on our first proper mini-break since arriving in the UK.  Next Saturday we fly to Sweden. We’ll be spending the weekend in Göteborg, known as Sweden’s 2nd city.  Göteborg was unknown to us only a few weeks ago but, since buying our tickets (when chasing cheap fares, one first buys the tickets and then researches the destination), we’re learning a lot about the city and really looking forward to our first Nordic experience.

North bank of the Thames, near Cannon Bridge
These 14 years have seemingly flown by but, when we look back at where we were and who we were 14 years ago, it feels like it's been ages.  We're different people now and very aware of how lucky we are that we've grown together rather than apart.  We're having an amazing time over here and we're incredibly lucky that we get to share this experience with each other.  Cheers to being married to your best friend and to having someone to share your life with.  Skål!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Trooping the Colour

I had a wonderful time at Trooping the Colour this afternoon.  I love pomp and circumstance and royalty and the Queen's birthday parade didn't disappoint.

I wasn't fully prepared for the event, however; I was just out for an early afternoon stroll, having just dropped Mike off at work.  I had thought I'd missed most of the pageantry, but when I found a gathering crowd I stopped to catch what I could and wound up catching the procession to Buckingham Palace.

It was fun to see the Royal Family in person, never mind how briefly, and, after the very short parade, to walk through the streets of London and really soak up my surroundings.  I'm truly enjoying living in London and, despite most Londoners being maddeningly passive aggressive and bizarrely refusing to standardize pedestrian traffic flow, it's days like this which remind me of that fact.
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