Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Apocalypse Now

This is Day 5 of Snow Storm 2008, otherwise known as the apocalypse. Mike's been trying to get into work but was only successful on Friday, and required assistance getting home because Seattle decided to cut bus service. Desi hasn't even tried to go to work because she's able to work from home. We walked to the grocery store a couple times for supplies, to Walgreen's for some jigsaw puzzles, and Game Crazy for an XBOX game. But, otherwise, we've stayed inside the house and just marvelled at the accumulating snow. We haven't seen snow like this since we moved to Seattle. Typically, if it snows in Seattle it only snows about an inch and then disappears within a few hours. But, this snow has been on the ground for over a week (12/13 was the first storm) with a few more snow storms on top of it. We've got more than 8 inches in our yard and we're expecting another storm tonight. Stores are running out of supplies because trucks aren't able to make deliveries and trash is piling up because trucks can't make collections. We're pretty sure this is the first sign of the apocalypse.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Two Year Plan: Step One

We have now registered for winter quarter at Seattle Central Community College. Classes begin on January 5th and continue through March. We're each taking two evening classes four days a week, from 6pm-8:30pm Monday through Thursday. Mike is taking painting and sociology and Desi is taking art appreciation and American government.

We're both really excited about going back to school. The schedule is going to be tough to coordinate with full time jobs but we feel prepared for the stress and sacrifices and it's only for a year, since we'll have accumulated enough credits by the end of December 2009 to apply for entry at University of Edinburgh.

We're also really excited about taking the first step in our grand plan. After almost a year of planning we're finally taking action towards our goal. This first quarter will be tough, but it'll be good practice for when Mike goes back to school full time in Scotland.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

And Then There Were Two

We knew when we got married that we wanted a dog. Desi had never had a dog before, so she was especially excited about expanding our family of two in this way. In September 2000 we found a 10-month old Yorkie that we fell in love with. We named her Meg and brought her home. On this past Monday night we dropped Meg off at her new home in West Jordan, UT. She'll be living with another Yorkie, Toby, two kids, a fenced backyard, and a mom that works from home.

After living with a dog for 8 years, and never really accepting the responsibilities of dog ownership, we've adapted to living without one rather quickly. While we're both happy to have our freedom we'll miss Meg terribly. But, we truly believe she'll be happier with her new family than she ever was with us.
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