Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What We'll Miss

It goes without saying that we'll miss our friends.  But, our colleagues and jobs are definitely high on our list, too.  Both of us have great jobs, ones that we enjoy and that we're good at.  We both have great coworkers, people who make our jobs that much more enjoyable.  They will be missed.

We'll miss the Pacific Northwest.  We didn't get to explore as much as 11 years might suggest.  We should have spent more time in Canada and on the Olympic Peninsula.  We should have explored the eastern side of the mountains more and other parts of Oregon and Montana.  We should have spent more time on the coast.

We'll miss Shiku's Honey Roll and Joey's Blue Cheese Fries.

We'll miss our little Columbia City house.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

The Journey

In April 2008 we identified our short term goal.

In September 2008 we formulated the Two Year Plan.

Today, we have our UK visas in our hands and we leave for Scotland one week from tomorrow. 

We have been dreaming about our new lives in Scotland for two years and it is finally happening.  Now, when we talk about exploring the Highlands or taking the train down to Edinburgh for a day or spending the weekend in Bruges we'll be planning instead of dreaming.  We often end our conversations nowadays with the question, "who are we?"

We plan on enjoying these next few months and truly ensconcing ourselves in our new surroundings before we begin formulating a new short term plan.  We have worked very hard, and given away a lot of stuff, to get to this point and we deserve a celebration and a bit of rest. 
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