Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving Day 2009

For most of our years in Seattle we've been going down to Desi's uncle's place in Dallas, Oregon for Thanksgiving. They put on this fantastic feast every year. But, this year, having never spent a Thanksgiving by ourselves in Seattle, we wanted what may be our last Thanksgiving in Seattle to be a Thanksgiving spent in Seattle. So, we made reservations at Salty's on Alki, a restaurant renowned for it's amazing view of Seattle and pretty good food. They provide a Thanksgiving Day buffet that includes the traditional turkey and ham options but also offers oysters on the half shell, Dungeness crab legs, and prime rib, plus all the sides and a variety of desserts. Rather than just treating it like any other meal out, we decided to make a Seattle day of it, using public transportation. What would've only been a two hour meal turned into a five hour adventure. We had so much fun waiting for the buses and walking the nearly 4 miles from our bus stops to our destinations. Rather than just having a memorable meal we had a memorable experience. And, that's exactly what we wanted.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hot Yoga

The first and last time Desi experienced hot (Bikram) yoga was in 2002 when we lived in Belltown. She walked away from her first hot yoga experience with a distaste for the practice because the studio she had chosen, Belltown Yoga (no longer in business), had locked her in the 90-110 degree room for the entire 90 minute class. Not expecting to be locked in a hot room for 90 minutes, and also not truly comprehending what 90-110 degrees would feel like, Desi had not mentally prepared herself for the experience and did not find it relaxing nor beneficial. In fact, it may have traumatized her.

Recently, however, Desi has been struggling with a few issues where the idea of hot yoga as the solution has proved intriguing. First, she hurt her back while renovating the second bedroom this past weekend. Probably nothing too serious, but enough pain to cause her to want to begin strengthening her core and lower back muscles. Plus, she still worries that her shoulder muscles aren't strong enough to prevent another injury similar to the one she experienced while snowboarding in early 2008.

Second, the lethargy that comes with the Seattle winters is settling in upon her regardless of how hard she tries to prevent it. The rain and darkness are preventing her from commuting to work via bicycle and her intention to join a gym to combat the lethargy is met with the reality of her laziness, which won't even allow her to get to the gym to sign up let alone go regularly to exercise.

Surprisingly, 7 years after a very bad first impression, these recent issues have led her back to hot yoga. The idea of being in a hot room practicing yoga seems almost comforting to her now. And, having tested this theory this past Tuesday, she enjoyed herself so much that she has even convinced Mike to join her on occasion.

Being in a room that hot for 60-90 minutes during these winter days is like being wrapped in a warm blanket and sitting next to a fireplace. Hopefully, the infusion of heat and the regular sessions will prove enough of a distraction to get us through these next few months of dark and wet days and also provide Desi with the core building she needs to prevent further injuries.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

2009 Status Update

At the beginning of the year, like most people we know, we make resolutions for what we hope to accomplish in the coming year. And, like most people we know, we forget about said resolutions within a few months/weeks/days/hours of making them.

However, we've been fortunate that our last few years' resolutions have actually been realized, though completely by coincidence alone and through no deliberate effort. Perhaps this has nothing to do with being fortunate and is, rather, due to the fact that we compose our resolutions based on necessity rather than desire?

Either way, in an attempt to keep this streak alive we need to be more deliberate about our 2009 resolutions. Thus, we are revisiting our 2009 resolutions in an attempt to coax them into reality. Luckily, we keep our resolutions list short and simple. We aim low because we are lazy. However, the fact that we are lazy may also be the reason why we find ourselves in November without a fully realized resolutions list.

Original Resolution #1 - Continue renovating the house.

OR#1 Status - Right now we're at a huge F for failure, though we've had a few starts/stops. The driveway stands incomplete, with 1/3 of it excavated and awaiting gravel. The remaining 2/3 has yet to be touched. This project has stood at this stage for at least three months but probably closer to five. Additionally, our second bedroom currently has only about 1/3 of the vinyl flooring removed. This project has stood at this stage for the majority of the year.

The goal for 2009 was to renovate part of the kitchen and all of the living room. That goal will definitely not be reached. But, there is no reason why we can't finish the floor in the second bedroom. Perhaps even get a gravel delivery for our driveway? Whoa, let's not get crazy.

Revised Resolution #1 - Finish exposing original hardwood floors in second bedroom

Original Resolution #2 - Continue working towards the Two Year Plan.

OR#2 Status - We're doing pretty good with this one. Mike is in dialogue with the University of Edinburgh regarding his application. He also spoke with the international student recruiter for Glasgow School of Arts when she was in Seattle in mid-October. This resolution is definitely and deliberately being addressed.
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