Sunday, June 29, 2008

Summer In Seattle

It appears that summer has finally arrived here in Seattle. We've had some nice days this year, but they've been few and far between. But, today we've got heat as well as blue skies and we're feeling optimistic that this indicates the beginning of our summer.

We've been enjoying afternoon walks along Lake Washington for the past few weeks. We've adjusted our work schedules so that we're home around 4PM during the week. Once home we walk down to the lake for good conversation and beautiful scenery.

We've found that we talk a lot more to each other on our walks than we do otherwise. When home, Desi is typically watching TV and Mike is usually on the computer. After our walks we fall back into the old routines, but at least we get a good couple hours of conversation in now.

We're heading to dinner tonight at Steelhead Diner and then a burlesque show at The Pink Door. We're celebrating our friend's birthday as well as our 9th wedding anniversary. We'll probably also use tonight to celebrate the start of summer in Seattle.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Good Luck, Sean!

Microsoft flew Desi's cousin-in-law, Sean, out to Seattle this week for a couple job interviews. We were able to join him for a drink at his hotel to celebrate the occasion. Good luck, Sean!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Move Is Likely, Though Probably Not Scotland This Year

Mike just received news today that the Fine Arts program at University of Edinburgh is full for this year. With that news, Mike and I are beginning to realize that starting school in Scotland this fall may be unrealistic.

In other news, my supervisor at work is resigning later this summer. With her imminent departure, I am beginning to investigate other opportunities for me within the foundation. This includes possibly relocating to Washington, DC. I've requested a meeting with our HR department for an exploratory conversation and Mike is researching art colleges in The District. I'm not sure of the odds, but from what I hear it's difficult to fill Program Assistant positions at our DC office. That type of recruiting environment can only help me. I'll know more after my conversation with HR.

Whether we stay in Seattle or relocate to Washington, DC our goal is still Scotland. The date has moved due to circumstances, but the goal is still intact. College applications for a fall 2009 start date will be accepted starting in September 2008. We should know in January 2009 whether Mike's application is successful.

Friday, June 13, 2008


While in Mexico back in April we were inspired by a New Zealand couple to evaluate our life plan. Prior to our trip, we had abstract plans about where our life was headed but nothing concrete. This couple from New Zealand, on holiday for 3 months after living in London for 5 years and on their way to Sydney to start life again, inspired us to take a hard look at our life and goals. What we came up with was a desire to move abroad, specifically Scotland.

We got back from that trip to Mexico very motivated to make our move. After doing research into visas, we found that the only visa that would work for us would be a student visa. We started doing research into some schools and, along the way, we both fell in love with the idea of being students again. But, realistically, only one of us could be a student while the other supported both and we drew straws and Mike won. So, Mike applied to Edinburgh College of Arts and we waited.

Mike received notice yesterday that his application to ECA was unsuccessful due to capacity issues. Apparently, ECA reaches capacity during Round 1 applications and Mike was applying during Round 3. After a little sadness we brushed ourselves off and started to strategize our plan B.

Since the student visa is our only way in, we're going to still try for a fall 2008 start date. International students have until 6/30/2008 to apply, so Mike is sending an application to approximately 10 other art colleges, including a few traditional universities with fine art programs. If those schools are at capacity as well (highly unlikely for the traditional universities, I think) then there's always the Clearing.

If Mike hasn't been accepted by any school by 7/1 his applications are sent to Clearing, which will allow him to take a spot given to someone else who has either declined the offer or withdrawn after accepting. All this to say, even with this set back, we're still on track with our plan. We won't give up the fall 2008 date until 9/1, when most classes start. After 9/1 we'll focus on fall 2009, which would allow more time to plan and budget and maybe even visit (for the first time) the place we hope to live for the next 5 years. Some would say fall 2009 would be the more prudent/realistic/practical goal, but those people don't know us very well.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Kicking It In Utah

We're at our townhome in Salt Lake City this week. Desi is working from home and Mike is on vacation. So far, this visit has been one of the best.We've had plenty of time to both visit with family and friends as well as reacquaint ourselves with some tourist attractions, like Park City.  We've even had time to relax.

When visiting Salt Lake we typically drive, which we did this past Saturday. It takes us anywhere from 12-14 hours. We're here until Saturday morning when we'll be driving back.

The only family we didn't get to see this trip is Mike's oldest brother and his family. But, if our plans work out as we hope, we may be seeing him in September.
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