Monday, December 24, 2007

Another Sunday

I love Real Simple magazine! I’ve been a subscriber for almost five years.  Unfortunately, and it’s painful to admit it, but I think I’m going to be ending my subscription.  I’m trying to cut back on my consumer tendencies and Real Simple has a lot about consumer stuff. There are some good articles about other stuff but for the most part those are repetitious and no longer holding my attention. This past year I got at least two issues that I didn’t even open. It’s like the end of an era, but I’m going to go ahead and end my subscription.

We bought Assassin’s Creed last night at Best Buy. We stood in line with all the last minute Christmas shoppers to buy this silly video game so we could run home and play it. We’re crazy but the game is awesome! The best idea we ever had! We’ve played it non-stop all day.

Yesterday we went to brunch with Jason & Duana. We went to Palisades which has some type of hybrid brunch where you get gourmet table service plus a gourmet all-you-can-eat buffet. It costs $30 per person and an additional $2 for every mimosa. It was a great experience and I’m glad we did it. We might turn it into an annual holiday thing.

I have Christmas Eve off from work tomorrow. I’ve got some Christmas shopping left to do and am also meeting my friend for brunch at Broadway Grill. Poor Mikey has to work tomorrow. He works for an home health care company and health care companies tend to hold on to every friggin penny…those cheap bastards! Hey – how about you throw your employees a bone and give them a day off every once in awhile…you thieving bastards!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Who's My Audience?

So, I was telling a friend about my blog and she asked, "who's your audience?" Honestly, I didn't think about an audience. I just thought, "my brother-in-law has a blog...I want a blog." But, I've been giving it some thought and I can't think of who my audience might be.

I have grand plans for this thing: as an outlet for my anger; to keep family & friends back in Utah in the loop; as an advertisement for things I like.  But, I haven't emailed the link to any family or friends plus we don't ever have any updates and my anger is so fleeting and random that I'm rarely near a computer when it happens and when I eventually do find a computer the inspiration to vent has dissipated.

Through the power of deduction perhaps this will primarily be used as an advertisement for things I like. But, I'll also email family & friends with the address just in case we have any updates and I'll try to get to a computer when my anger is fresh because I especially love to share my hate.

To begin with, our favorite pho restaurant in Seattle is Than Brothers. We go out of our way to hit a Than Brothers whenever we are craving pho.  Even though we live around 70 different pho places, all within walking distance, we'll drive 20 minutes (about 5 miles into Seattle) to get to the yumminess that is Than Brothers' pho.

I have also recently developed a love of oysters. Last night I went to happy hour with some friends at Ama Ama Oyster Bar in West Seattle. $0.50 an oyster plus $5 cosmos. YUM!  It was a lot of fun! I loves me some oysters.

Monday, December 17, 2007

First Post

Today is Sunday and this is our first blog post ever. It's a lazy Sunday. We just recently purchased our first gaming system, the XBOX 360. So, after almost an entire lifetime without a gaming system, we're making up for lost time. Mike has played Call of Duty 3 all day and Desi played a little bit of Battle For Middle-Earth 2.

In Seattle during the winter the days are super short, only lasting from about 8AM to about 4PM. They are typically pretty wet too, so it's not uncommon to stay indoors the entire weekend. We did manage to venture out for some pho, though. We stayed outdoors for about an hour before running home so Desi could nap and Mike could continue playing COD3.
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