Sunday, April 24, 2011

Birthday Month Surprise

Mike & I have just returned from an amazing 19 days in Mallorca, Spain.  You might remember that back in February, just after purchasing the non-refundable tickets, we had to cancel this trip.  But, because Mike was feeling very good about where he was with this semester's project, a week before our original departure date we decided to use our tickets.

Before we officially decided to go we needed to find a hotel room within budget (which was non-existent since we hadn't planned on going).  I went directly to and found an amazing deal, Bellevue Club in Port d'Alcudia for only €405 for all 18 nights.  Although this was a resort, which we're not big fans of, we would be staying self-catering and, ultimately, the low price, along with the studio having a kitchenette, made this an amazing deal which we were unable to decline.

We'd be arriving pretty late in Mallorca, after the public buses stopped running, so I visited Tripadvisor's travel forum to get some advice about airport transfers.  Based on forum comments, I purchased two single tickets with Resort Taxis for less than £18 (we'd be using the public bus for our return trip, which wasn't much cheaper at €14).

With the transfers, hotel, and airfare handled we rationalized that even if we ran out of money we would have a roof over our heads and a return trip home.  On a beach vacation one can spend every day on the beach for free.  Sure, we'd have to eat but we are pros at eating on the cheap (rice and sardines anyone?).  Yup, with only a week's notice we had put together an amazing three week budget holiday which would have both of us celebrating our birthdays in Spain (4 April and 21 April).  We were pretty proud of ourselves.
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