Monday, October 27, 2008

Black & Orange Ball

Last night we went to our first ball, the Black & Orange Ball supporting the Alliance for Education. This is one of Desi's new responsibilities at work. She is now supporting the program officer for the state of Washington and because their grantee portfolio is local they are expected to be present at local events. Desi will be invited to a lot of these in the future due to her new position but because this was our first one we were both quite excited by it's novelty.

The event was high profile and high living. Free drinks, four-course meal, almost live auction and live auction. Evening Magazine host John Curley was the auctioneer for the live auction. Desi had fun trying to win the trip to New York City to see The Lion King, but it wound up going to someone willing to spend just a bit more than we were.

We didn't leave the evening empty-handed, however. Each table had a hand blown glass centerpiece created by Seattle glass artist Dehanna Jones and we wound up walking away with the one on our table for $150. It's gorgeous and the first art piece we've ever bought and we're completely thrilled with it, especially since the proceeds are going towards a good cause.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Master Bedroom Status

Our bedroom is coming along nicely. We've got to finish sanding the joint compound and then we can prime, paint, and add the moldings.
We're also planning on stripping the paint from these doors (left: entrance from hallway, right: closet door) to return them to their original state. We believe these to be the original 1931 doors and we'd like to restore them. But, if we can't then we'll probably paint them the same color as the trim, which is going to be a nice cream. We've spoken to our neighbor, also a residential electrician, about rewiring our house room by room. He'll be sending a guy over some time next week to start with our master bedroom. He says it should cost less than $300 for the bedroom. He's also adding a "smokie" because we don't have one smoke detector in the house and, for some reason, he thinks we should be up to code.
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