Saturday, October 05, 2013

Waning Days of Summer

Yankee Stadium
I remember Labor Day being only a symbolic end to summer, as schools tend to start just after (or just before) and as all calendars are beholden to those of the schools'.  Apparently though, in New York City, and perhaps the whole of the Northeast, Labor Day has proven to be the actual end of summer.  Seriously. Almost to the day our weather started to change and everyone suddenly started sporting scarves, sweaters and jackets.  I didn't lose faith though. I knew summer would return.  It couldn't be over just like that, without a long and drawn out farewell. Right?  Well, I am happy to report, as I write this in the first days of October while we're basking in 80 degree days, my faith was not misplaced.  Summer has returned.

One of the highlights of our September was getting to go to our first Yankees game (vs. White Sox). Mike got some free tickets so we grabbed a couple of friends and proceeded to have a riotous good time watching the Yankees clinch it in the 9th. What a great night!

FĂȘte Paradiso
Another highlight was finally getting a chance to hit FĂȘte Paradiso on Governors Island.  We've been meaning to get out there since it opened earlier this summer but I'm glad we waited until one of its last weekends.  We wound up going on a lovely day and, most importantly, missing the crowds.  We were able to ride a few rides, play (and win) a few games, and enjoy some good music.  It was an event not to be missed and entirely worth the trip out.

Some other highlights included getting to see two of Mike's cousins, in town for a short visit, and venturing over to Jersey for the first time since we moved here in January.  Who knew Hoboken was so freaking cute?  On a separate trip, we ventured farther inland, surviving a night out in Newark.  It's so easy to get to Jersey, only a PATH ride away and only $2.50 each way, I'm not sure why it took us so long.

Kayaking on the Hudson
September finally saw us out on the water too, kayaking the Hudson for free thanks to the Downtown Boathouse.  We also ventured to north Manhattan for New York City's only renaissance festival, which was a freaking blast!  And, to round out our lovely month of awesome, I won a kickass camping chair from REI, bringing our total furniture count up to 5 pieces.

Although we can't prolong the inevitable coming of fall, we're not letting its slow arrival deter us from enjoying these waning days of summer.  Knowing the weather's about to turn gives us extra incentive to make the most out of these days.
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