Monday, August 06, 2012

How to Tumble

I have only been on a trampoline maybe four times in my entire life.  Consequently, I have no acrobatic skills whatsoever and may be irrationally certain my next encounter with one will leave me paralysed.  Contrast that with Mike who grew up with a tramp in his backyard and can tumble and somersault and backwards somersault (etc.) without any fear whatsoever (and without having done it for nearly a decade).  Of course I believe him to be magic and awesome (for many reasons but mostly for his mad tramp skills).

All this to say, yesterday I was inexplicably drawn to our neighbourhood park to play on Sacrilege 2012 (aka bouncy Stonehenge).  Perhaps because of its size or the lack of metal framing but I felt very acrobatic during our 10 minutes of play and asked Mike to teach me how to tumble.  He was a good sport and spent a few minutes helping me out.  Here, in 7 easy steps, is how to tumble.

1. Prepare by tucking your chin into your chest (it's okay to cry a little bit here)

2. Start to fall forward (optional: keep your arms at a 90 degree angle at all times)

3. Embrace the fall, try to tuck in a bit and fling your feet over your head

4. Gravity takes over

5. Just go with it

6. Come to a rest, confirm your neck isn't broken

7. Celebrate
I proceeded to do a bunch more of these sad tumbles and I had the best time!  Of course, I thought I looked more like this at the time:

but, whatever.

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