Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mike's Birthday

Yesterday was Mike's 32nd birthday. Desi made dinner reservations at Salty's on Alki to celebrate. The view was marvelous and Mike really enjoyed the meal.  After dinner we enjoyed a nice walk along the Alki shoreline.

Unfortunately, Desi having a horrible cold added another dimension to the celebration. Desi couldn't taste her meal at all and was having a hard time staying awake, probably due to the cold medicine she had taken earlier. Regardless, Mike enjoyed his birthday celebration and, even though she was miserable, Desi enjoyed it, too. 

Happy birthday Mike!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Back to Reality

We returned from Mexico red and tan, relaxed, happy and with many plans for the future. At the tail-end of our trip we met this wonderful couple from New Zealand that really inspired us in many ways. One of the inspirational moments was when they began discussing this fantastic hotel in Jamaica. They showed us the website and told us great stories, so we decided immediately that our next beach vacation was going to be to that hotel in Jamaica. Now, when that next vacation will occur is anybody's guess. But, if nothing else, it'll be where we conclude Desi's 30th birthday celebration bonanza year.

Right after returning from vacation in Mexico Desi had to travel to Alderbrook Resort in Hood Canal, WA for business. It was a nice, relaxing place to hold 4 days of meetings. Mike & Meg were able to join her on the second day, which was nice and helped ease the transition from vacation back to work.

Mike started his first temp assignment this past Tuesday. He gets to do mindless filing for a couple weeks, which is his dream job. He's finding out that the bar is pretty low for temp employees and he's having fun being continuously praised for having any skills whatsoever. It's constant comedy and he's really enjoying himself. Plus, the commute is about 3 minutes, which compares to his old commute of 45 minutes, so he's relishing that change, too.
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