Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving Day 2009

For most of our years in Seattle we've been going down to Desi's uncle's place in Dallas, Oregon for Thanksgiving. They put on this fantastic feast every year. But, this year, having never spent a Thanksgiving by ourselves in Seattle, we wanted what may be our last Thanksgiving in Seattle to be a Thanksgiving spent in Seattle. So, we made reservations at Salty's on Alki, a restaurant renowned for it's amazing view of Seattle and pretty good food. They provide a Thanksgiving Day buffet that includes the traditional turkey and ham options but also offers oysters on the half shell, Dungeness crab legs, and prime rib, plus all the sides and a variety of desserts. Rather than just treating it like any other meal out, we decided to make a Seattle day of it, using public transportation. What would've only been a two hour meal turned into a five hour adventure. We had so much fun waiting for the buses and walking the nearly 4 miles from our bus stops to our destinations. Rather than just having a memorable meal we had a memorable experience. And, that's exactly what we wanted.

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salmo said...

Sounds like a nice "date." Nice picture too.

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